Cover of Trophy Envy by Mark Levy Cover of They're Only Words by Mark Levy

The Trophy Envy Series

Here are short, funny essays by Mark Levy that have been broadcast on the Public Radio show "Weekend Radio," hosted by Robert Conrad, the voice of the Cleveland Orchestra.


Mark's essays are based on everyday observations. Some are wryly witty, and others are laugh-out-loud funny. The essays are so short, you can read one while waiting for a bus or while your bread is in the toaster.


The best place to store these books might be in your bathroom, where reading material is always appreciated.


Trophy Envy by Mark Levy

Mark discusses topics like the sort of people who drive on express lanes, how cops give directions, middle names, and what the Bible left out. He sometimes offers wacky advice – like what to do the first day on a new job, why old people should walk faster, why you really shouldn't travel, and why retirement is a bad idea. Read more about Trophy Envy.


They're Only Words by Mark Levy

His second volume includes topics from literature – like words that Shakespeare invented and what he never said, as well as oxymorons, words you never knew existed and middle names of famous people. Mark also covers issues of our times – like automatic men's rooms, lottery scams, kids' inventions, Luddites among us, and why everybody should go to law school. Read more about They're Only Words.


Mark's essays have been praised for their humor and clever insights. Find out what you've been missing by reading some online.