About the Author: Mark Levy

Mark Levy, author of Trophy Envy


Mark Levy is an intellectual property attorney whose passions are independent movie making and writing. He holds a B.S. degree in physics from Polytechnic Institute of New York University, a J.D. degree from New York Law School, and an M.A. degree in creative writing from Wilkes University.

He won the American Literary Merit Award – First Prize – in 2013. He has drafted and filed over 1,000 patent applications for his clients.


He has contributed non-fiction articles or letters to The New York Times, The Skeptical Inquirer, The Baker Street Journal, the New York State Bar Association Journal, The Mensa Bulletin, the Amateur Movie Makers Association Monitor, Lefthander magazine, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, the online publication, Ragazine.cc, Videomaker magazine, and The Journal of Irreproducible Results, and he is a contributing editor for these last three publications. He is also an essayist for the public radio show, Weekend Radio.


"When I'm not working on a patent application (and sometimes when I am)," he said, "I often ask myself random questions, like 'why are we still working 40 hours per week?' and 'why do old people move slower than young people, when they have less time left to move at all?' and 'why do all states have two-letter postal abbreviations, even if no other state starts with the same letter?'"


He used to go to bed thinking about these things. It was difficult to fall asleep with outstanding questions rattling around in his brain, but that helped him remember the questions the next morning so he could look up the answers at his local library. Now with the Internet, of course, he doesn't have to wait to find the answers in obscure books. He can get them almost immediately at his computer or his cell phone. He can access just about all the information in the world by touching or even talking into his phone, which is pretty cool. He's sleeping much better now, thank you.


It occurred to him that if he craved answers to these types of admittedly silly questions, maybe other people did, too. Of course, maybe they didn't know they needed answers to those questions. That's where he could help out. It was about that time he discovered a radio show called Weekend Radio on the Public Radio network, which included a sprinkling of classical music, comedy albums, and quirky audio essays. "Hey," he thought "the people who listen to this show could be strange enough to appreciate wacky facts and wackier observations. With a bit of luck, I could share my thoughts with millions of them, or at least a dozen."


He recorded a few of his essays on CDs and mailed them to the producer of that show who lived in Cleveland, Ohio: Robert Conrad. The essays were apparently interesting or foolish enough to broadcast and the rest, as they say in the radio biz, is history.


Since the essays in this book were written for audio taping and radio broadcast on Weekend Radio, certain references are made to the show or to Robert Conrad, the great man himself. You may also see some pronunciation hints for the narrator (Mark). Feel free to ignore them or, better yet, imagine you're listening to a tall, thin, incredibly handsome announcer with thick, dark, wavy hair and a deep, romantic voice on the radio. That will be close enough.


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You can email Mark Levy at <creativeLEVY@gmail.com> or follow the discussion on the Trophy Envy Facebook page.