Cover of They're Only Words by Mark Levy

They're Only Words by Mark Levy

Mark's follow-up volume to Trophy Envy includes topics from literature – like words that Shakespeare invented and what he never said, as well as oxymorons, words you never knew existed and middle names of famous people. Mark also covers issues of our times – like automatic men's rooms, lottery scams, kids' inventions, Luddites among us, and why everybody should go to law school.


Here are more than 100 short and funny essays by Mark Levy that have been broadcast on the Public Radio show "Weekend Radio," hosted by Robert Conrad, the voice of the Cleveland Orchestra.


Mark's essays are based on everyday observations. Some are wryly witty, and others are laugh-out-loud funny. The essays are so short, you can read one while waiting for a bus or while your bread is in the toaster.


Mark's essays have been praised for their humor and clever insights.


They're Only Words is available as a trade paperback or in Kindle format via Amazon US and other bookstores in the United States, and via Amazon UK in the United Kingdom and Europe.


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Am I Being Too Literal?

Automatic Men's Rooms


All Essays in They're Only Words


They're Only Words

Am I Being Too Literal?

A New Word

Bibliophile or Bibliomaniac?

Book Titles from Literature

Building My Insult Vocabulary

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Don't Do This

First Printing of a Word

Full Of It

International Idioms

Middle Names

My Last Words

Out of Words


Shakespeare's Words

Simplifying English

Taking Things to a Whole New, Very Unique Level, and Other Overused Expressions

The S Word and the F Word

What Shakespeare Never Said

What the Bible Left Out

What the Bible Never Said

Words You Can't Live Without



All I Really Need to Know I Learned on Facebook

Automatic Men's Rooms

Bad Designs

Can't Wait for Self-Driving Cars

Fooled in TV Land

Inventors are My Heroes

Instant Gratification

It's About Time


Joke Delays on the Internet

Kid Inventors: General

Kid Inventors: Food

Inventors: Alarm Clocks and Sibling Eliminators

Laughing and Applauding

Luddites Among Us

My Best Inventions

Noteworthy Occasions

Online Recipes

Ordering in Advance

Pi Day

Redesigning Humans

Stressful Computers

Tie Racks & Mezuzahs

Too Much of Everything

Vanity Plates and Domain Names


Strange Observations

A Connoisseur of Prescription Vials

America, the Soap Opera

Amazing Human Talent

A Mountain for Everyone

Back to Basics: Roman Numerals

Bobs Galore

Changing My Life

Civilization is Relative

Costly Comestibles

Dishonorable Discharge


Everybody Should go to Law School


Feeling Bad After

Feeling Superior


Going to the Movies

Have You Got an Egot?

Independent Day

Is it Worth It?

It's My Dog's Life

It's the Thought, Indeed


Life as a Pomegranate

Life's a Gamble

Lottery Scams

Lucky Dog

March of the Coffee Mugs

Most Expensive Things

Mountain Pride

My First Puppy

My Friend, the Pine Tree

My Idols are Mostly Dead

Naming Your Dog

Note to My Descendants

Oh, Those Commercials

Ordinary People with Famous Names

People Born the Same Year as You

Playing Hooky from Golf

Playing with Matches

Presidential Currency

R.C. is a Popular Handle




The Fuzz That Was

The Hats I Wear

The Last Supper

The Pleasures of Psoriasis

Unique Dog Names

Upside-Down World

Voting Age

We Famous People

We Vote on Everything

What Winning the Lottery Doesn't Mean to Me

When Will You Die?

Women are Irrational - That's All There is to That

Zen and the Art of Downhill Skiing


Read some essays by Mark Levy, or check out his companion volume Trophy Envy.


They're Only Words is available as a trade paperback or in Kindle format via Amazon US and other bookstores in the United States, and via Amazon UK in the United Kingdom and Europe.