Cover of Trophy Envy by Mark Levy Cover of They're Only Words by Mark Levy

Praise for Trophy Envy

"This collection of humorous essays is as sure to make you smile, or even laugh out loud, as the poetry of Ogden Nash and the songs of Shelley Berman. Read 'em and weep."

– Mike Foldes, Publisher


"…clever, thought-provoking essays that'll exercise that old grey matter."

– Tom "Wolf" Elliott, Page-Turners Columnist

MENSA Bulletin and International World Journal


"Mark Levy has a rare gift. He can write about the travails of everyday life with a wry wit that makes the reader laugh out loud! I know I did…"

– Prudy Taylor Board, Author; President of Writers Network of South Florida


"Mark's subjects are varied…resulting in smiles and nods of recognition."

– Robert Conrad, President WCLV

Cleveland Orchestra Broadcast Service

Host of Weekend Radio


This collection of 70 essays is a good one for dipping into from time to time. I think you'll enjoy sharing his thoughtful and humorous take on life.

– Caroline McCullagh, Page Turners Editor, MENSA® Bulletin


The author's eccentricities were on full display and I like eccentrics and the stories they tell. I find that humor is as good as melatonin. Sometimes light reading is just what the proverbial doctor orders. Life's stresses melt away in reading this book.

– Andrew S. Kubersky, ASA, Financial Analyst



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